So Simple

Today while prepping dinner, my youngest (he is 4) asked to help. I was not sure there was much for him to do besides peel potatoes and carrots and he was not to keen on that anyway. So I set him up beside my cutting board and close to the soup pot and gave him the simple job of putting everything I chopped into the pot. He was thrilled and sang a little song while working beside me.

After we finished and moved his stool as the stove was turned on he said with great pride “Now everyone will have to thank you AND me for dinner tonight!”.

Little things can make a big difference in the kitchen, don’t be afraid to let your children get involved, even if the job seems small they can take great pride in having helped to prepare a meal.

We will be enjoying Cauliflower Soup and baked potatoes tonight! Thanks Jethro!

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